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01 Logline & Synopsis


Following a handwritten itinerary penned by her late father, Sam, a grief-stricken Vanessa takes a cross-country train trip with his ashes, despite grappling with a shocking discovery that he wasn't at all who she thought he was.


After the tragic and sudden loss of her father, Sam, Vanessa takes his ashes on a cross-country train trip to fulfill one of the items on his bucket list. Vanessa struggles to process her roller coaster of emotions and self-destructive behavior, when an unexpected “plus one” in the form of a nonchalant fellow passenger named TJ joins her.

Each stop along the way finds Vanessa retracing her father's steps back into the past, as she tries to piece together the puzzle of who Sam really was versus the father she thought she knew.

Vanessa Finds Sam's Journal
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