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03 Character Intros

Vanessa, 30s

A successful small business owner, Vanessa's life takes a devastating turn after losing her father, Sam, to cancer. Determined to complete the cross-country train trip he never got to take, Vanessa rides a rollercoaster of emotions with Sam's urn in tow...on a rope because, as Vanessa states in the film: "It makes it easier to not lose him."


Traits: aloof, sarcastic, moody, stubborn, quirky, loyal

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TJ, 30s

Moving nonchalantly through life, TJ is riding the rails to Dartmouth for his kid sister's graduation. Seeing Vanessa with Sam's urn, his naturally inquisitive and friendly nature (no doubt related to his profession as a journalist) gets the best of him. He can't help but insert himself into Vanessa's life to be of assistance -- whether she likes it or not.

Traits: personable, witty, charming, empathetic, goofy

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A true "railfan" through and through, Sam's life has always revolved around his love for all things related to trains. His bond with his only child, Vanessa, is a strong one and although it was often fraught with differences, the two have always relied on each other after losing Vanessa's mother to an aneurysm several years ago.


But as chapters of Sam's past clash with Vanessa's present-day reality amid grieving his death, his secrets will ultimately test the true love and bond between a father and daughter.

We see Sam in a series of flashbacks throughout the film, filling in the blanks for the audience, as Vanessa tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together along the way.

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